The fickle world of social media has temporarily cooled its interest in toothpaste tablets, so is this the end? Are toothpaste tablets over already or are they here to stay?

As a dental manufacturer that’s been going strong over 35 years, we’ve seen a few flashes in the pan come and go. But we can tell you that toothpaste tablets are here to stay and even if they’re not TikTok’s favourite right now… they will be again before long!

How long until toothpaste tubes are banned?

This is literally the million-dollar question. As it stands, old-fashioned toothpaste tubes are still the standard around the world and it’s hard to break a lifelong habit without a good reason (looking trendy doesn’t count!). BUT toothpaste tubes are horrendously bad for the environment and they will eventually be banned just like microbeads in soap, polythene shopping bags and plastic straws. As soon as news of an incoming ban hits the public, there will be a massive, irreversible uptake in toothpaste tablets and the market leader at that point stands to do very well indeed.

Why are there so many toothpaste tablet brands?

With the clock ticking on the traditional toothpaste tube, several brands are jumping on the tablet bandwagon and vying for position now so they can be first in line when environmentally conscious consumers start to switch. The long-term rewards for toothpaste tablet companies are bound to be huge but many of these companies have shot themselves in the foot right off the bat by offering an inferior product and this has probably contributed to the cooling on social media.

How to choose the best toothpaste tablets

The three dead giveaways for poor quality dental cleaning tablets are bad taste, lack of foam and zero fluoride. Unless you have a fluoride allergy, we’d suggest you avoid any tablets that taste bad, don’t foam and/or don’t contain fluoride. Equally, be sceptical of any tablets that promise cleaning or whitening far beyond normal pastes. Toothpaste tablets, like paste are an aid to good oral hygiene, not a miracle product. Opt for a quality product from a reputable supplier, one that ticks all the boxes, like our Dr Denti Toothpaste Tablets.

What makes toothpaste tablets better than paste?

While the cleaning effect is comparable to quality toothpaste, tablets do offer practical bonuses that push them over the top. Being dry and small, they’re super portable and easy to take with you when travelling. They also do excellent double-duty for freshening up on the go! Concerned about the repercussions of eating garlic bread on a hot date? Just nip to the bathroom after dinner, chew a couple of tablets, swish and spit then you’re freshened up and ready for wherever your evening takes you.

Dr Denti Toothpaste Tablets have the added advantage of being made from all-natural ingredients and absolutely no palm oil. We’re pretty sure orangutans would give them a great seal of approval!

Dr Denti Toothpaste Tablets can be bought exclusively in eco-friendly packing from online oral care suppliers as well as local chemists. For a pointer towards your nearest retailer or information on stocking them yourself, just drop us an email on or call our friendly office team on 01474 650 618.