Whether you’ve failed to pack properly for a holiday or just woken up after an unexpected overnight stay with a uh friend. Not having your toothbrush on hand to freshen up when you need it is a nightmare scenario. Luckily, we have a few emergency techniques for you to clean your teeth and reduce any bad breath issues before they get too noticeable.

We’ve compared a range of toothbrush-free cleaning options including those with and without toothpaste but remember, these are all sub-par when compared to using an absolute brush so try not to rely on them too often. Of course, we’ve also saved the best for last so if you’re really in a hurry skip to the bottom to check out our favourite technique…

Swishing with water

This old classic may not sound like much but it’s far better than doing nothing! Vigorously rinsing clean, still water around your mouth and then spitting it out will get rid of chunkier bits of food and dead skin cells as well as slightly reducing acidity levels to preserve your enamel.

Eating cheese

Every kid knows that cheese is full of calcium which is great news for your teeth as the calcium temporarily covers the surface and helps harden tooth enamel. Cheese also helps to neutralize the pH level of your mouth which reduces damage from plaque. Unfortunately, this is probably not going to do your morning breath any favours though.

Eating crunchy vegetables

Crunchy raw vegetables (think broccoli, celery or carrots) are all surprisingly effective at removing food debris from the surface of your teeth. Your partner may giggle at a bedtime routine of veggies, cheese and a water rinse but if you don’t have any dental cleaning products to hand you should probably give it a go.

Can I use mouthwash instead of brushing?

Using a tested, proven product like Dr Denti Home-Use Mouthwash Tablets to clean your teeth is a great way to freshen up if you’re caught in a bind. It will loosen debris, fix that bad breath, neutralize acids and kill off germs (including Covid!).

Having said that, mouthwash is not a substitute for regular brushing so try to use it in conjunction with your finger or a washcloth as follows:

Brushing with your finger

Cleaning your teeth with a finger is a poor substitute for brushing but if you have toothpaste to hand and it’s the only way to spread it around your mouth, it’s better than nothing (and much less risk of catching a bug from using someone else’s toothbrush). Unfortunately, your fingers just won’t be able to get into the nooks and crannies where the plaque builds up and you won’t be able to dislodge much from the tooth’s surface so you’ll only be able to get a very light clean.

Brushing with a cloth/towel

If you have a clean washcloth to hand, wrap it around your finger, squeeze some toothpaste onto it and then use it to “brush” your teeth. The textured surface will do a much better job at scrubbing the teeth and you should be able to work the cloth into areas your finger can’t reach.

Using toothpaste tablets without a brush

The best way to clean your teeth without using a brush, is to use high-quality, foaming toothpaste tablets like our Dr Denti Toothpaste Tablets. Chewing the tablets immediately starts to remove surface debris and forces granules into the exact areas your food goes before they foam up and lift everything free of the nooks and crannies between teeth and below the gumline. The rich foam is easy to spread around the mouth, can be swished with ease and contains fluoride for a powerful clean, even if you don’t have a brush to hand.

Dr Denti Toothpaste Tablets come in discreet eco-friendly packaging, perfect for slipping into your travel bag or coat pocket. You can buy them directly from specialist online dental suppliers or through your local pharmacy. If you have any questions about purchasing or stocking our Home Use dental range, just email us on or call our office on 01474 560 618.