Affordable dental treatment is now out of reach for most people in the UK so many more of us are turning to DIY options for oral care. While there are many dental products available in store and online, we strongly suggest you take advice, even a pharmacist can assist you in choosing properly licensed products so do your research and follow the guidelines below on staying safe.

NHS patients are desperate for treatment

Last month the BBC contacted almost every NHS dental practice in the UK and found that 9 out of 10 were not prepared to take on new customers, leaving those people to either fork out for expensive Private treatment or suffer in silence. With that in mind, it’s no wonder people are turning to questionable TikTok tutorials, booking dental tourism trips to countries with cheap but potentially sketchy dentists and even pulling their own teeth with the help of household pliers and a swig of vodka!

Why won’t dentists take on NHS patients?

NHS practices are given annual contracts for a set quota of Units of Dental Treatment (UDAs), they could earn 1 UDA for a check-up or all the way up to 12 for a denture. The UDA value pays for the dentist, nurses, equipment, materials, rent, etc… but once they’ve completed their annual quota they won’t get paid for any further NHS work so if your dentist is fully booked, any additional NHS work they do is being paid out of their own pocket, this means any further slots will only be available to Private paying patients.

Availability of NHS dentistry is getting worse

Dentists are increasingly unhappy with this situation and each year more of them leave the NHS to work privately with no quotas. Unfortunately, this creates a vicious cycle for long-suffering patients as the number of NHS dentists shrinks year by year.

Which dental treatments are safe to do at home

Obviously big treatments like extractions, infections and emerging wisdom teeth should be left to the experts but there are some things you can safely treat at home if you can’t reach the dentist. After seeking advice from a reputable source like your local pharmacist, here as some things you can treat yourself with properly licensed home-use products:

Replacing a lost filling with Tooth-Fil

Replacing a dental crown with Refit

Removing dental stains with Smile

Repairing a denture with Superfix

Identifying hidden plaque with Disclosing Tablets

Prevention is better than the cure

Any dentist will tell you, the first line of defence against dental decay is your daily oral care routine so you should make using top-tier daily cleaning products like Dr Denti Toothpaste Tablets & Mouthwash your biggest priority.

Our Dr Denti Toothpaste tablets offer best in class cleaning with granules that work into gaps between the teeth and gums before fizzing up due with their unique micro-bubble formula. The great tasting foam makes brushing fun and easy while containing plenty of fluoride to fight decay, plus they’re great for the environment too so your conscience can stay as clean as your teeth!

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