Come see us at IDS 2019

IDS 2019 has now opened in Koln and the GAP team is there ready to meet and greet you.

We are in hall 2.2 ready to demonstrate the latest two additions to our product line........

Dr Denti SUPERFIX home use denture repair kit. This is a remarkably easy to use kit for the repair of broken acrylic dentures or the replacing of dislodged teeth. It uses the same materials a professional laboratory uses but are premeasured to ensure safe dosing and mixing. The double pouch sachet also ensures the exposure to acrylic vapours is limited to the absolute minimum and allows for direct application to the cracked denture. Superfix is certain to be a stand by kit for all denture wearers who do not want to risk being seen in public without dentures because they are unable to get them repaired at short notice.

Dr Denti Dental Kit. If you are going to have one handy kit to answer all your dental emergencies, then the Dr Denti Dental Kit has to be the one. Of all the kits available to public this in our opinion is the five star plus version! Beyond this its a visit to the dentist and if and when that happens, then its very likely the dentist may well be using the same materails and instruments. This dental kit supplied in a strudy tin case treats dental trauma such as broken teeth, loose fillings and caps and even denture sores. The instruments are off quality stainless steel and the materials easil;y topped-up by purchasing refills from the chemist or online.

Dr. Denti Dental Kit and Superfix are on show at IDS 2019 so if you there now just go to GAP Stand hall 2.2 D65