Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic

The universal life force in all wants us to be the best, the biggest, the brightest but all too often it manifests as greed, jealousy and hate. Sadly, this is also very true for the business world.

The world has been brought to a grinding halt by a sinister force which is not big, bright or the best; it is a microscopic strand of simple genetic material enveloped in protein. At lightning speed, this tiny genetic strand has infiltrated the world’s five continents and now seeks to infect humanity with the sole purpose of ending the life force. Only through a collective world-wide effort can this evil coronavirus manifestation be ended. The WHO mantra is disinfect, test, isolate and whilst we at GAP have wholly embraced the practice we are also mindful we have a duty to fight the disease where we can and to elevate suffering when we can.

In many countries, dental treatment apart from the most urgent of cases has been stopped for either infection control reasons or because of lockdowns, fortunately, the public has been very understanding of these rules. However, because people will continue to suffer from dental emergencies GAP Dental is keeping its manufacturing and distribution lines open for as long as it is possible. The home-use dental kits are available online and pharmacies and can be used for the treatment of following dental aliments:

*There has been a particular surge in the demand for mouthwash tablets as they are routinely used in hospitals to freshen and moisten mouths of incapacitated patients. Our staff, of course, is giving priority to such demands.

For complete product information, please visit the company webpages at Video demonstrations are also available on Youtube.

Should stocks not be available through the usual suppliers please e-mail on or telephone 00 44 (0)1474 560618. At this difficult time, we will do our best to supply whatever we have available promptly and efficiently as possible. The company also undertakes not to levy any unnecessary charges and to supply only reasonable quantities to ensure availability for all.

As mentioned in the beginning, the business world is guilty of its vices, but on this occasion, it is time to put them to one side and allow everyone to do their bit.

Namaste is no-contact greeting performed by the joining of hands across the chest and with the slight bow greeting a fellow human being by saying ‘Namaste’. The intent is to convey goodwill, good health, joy and happiness. However, at this very critical time, the following is also very apt:

I am in competition with no one.

I have no desire to play the game of being better with anyone.

I am simply trying to be better than the person I was yesterday.