Christmas is weeks away and while most of us will be partying hard, each year thousands of people end up miserably phoning around for an emergency dentist. Whether you lost a tooth in the war for mince pies at the supermarket or your dog ate your denture on Christmas morning, an emergency like that could see you missing the best parts of the holiday.

We all remember how dentists closed their doors during the first Covid wave and we’re not going to be caught out again. If your dentist is unavailable over Christmas, here’s how you can do it yourself with Dr Denti.

Preparing for Christmas

Even the run up to Christmas can be a difficult time for your dental health with numerous people breaking or chipping a tooth by biting down on tape while wrapping presents. And all those sticky treats, mince pies, and nuts that start turning up from November onwards? They can potentially dislodge a loose filling which you’ll definitely want to get sorted before the big day!

Waiting times to see the dentist are pretty crazy right now but you don’t have to suffer while you wait for your filling to be redone. Just pop down to your local chemist and pick up a home-use filling material like our Dr Denti Tooth-Fil. This easy to use material can be self-applied in minutes and lasts up to 28 days, more than enough time to get booked in with your dentist.

Denture Hazards during Christmas

Losing a filling or breaking a tooth is bad enough but the real nightmare is suffering a broken denture at Christmas. With most dental laboratories shutting down between Christmas & New Year, getting a repair done is tough but getting it done at short notice is nigh impossible.

Save yourself the worry and keep a pack of Superfix on hand for emergencies. Superfix is a semi-permanent repair material that lets you fix your denture at home in just 30 minutes so there’s no need to miss out on turkey & pigs in blankets with the family. Incidentally, we often hear of dentures breaking because they were dropped in the sink while being washed so pick yourself up a Dr Mark’s HyGenie Cleaner to keep it clean and protected against drops.

You can order Superfix, HyGenie and a range of other denture care products over at the Dental Composite Webstore.

Finding out more about Dr Denti Products

We sincerely hope you get to enjoy both the run up to Christmas and the day itself without any dental mishaps. But in the event you do need help, our Dr Denti Home Use range is a collection of first aid products specifically designed to get your teeth back up and running quickly without the immediate need of a dentist. Dr Denti products are available at chemists & stores around the country, if you’d like more information on their use or where to buy, please email us on or call on 01474 560 618.