Dental Cleaner Gets Five Star Ranking!

For the past few weeks, we’ve teased the arrival of Dr Mark’s HyGenie in the UK. Now that it’s finally here in our hands we’ve done a product breakdown to point out the features that have made it a gamechanger for anyone with an oral appliance.

If you (or anyone you know) wears a denture, mouth guard, night guard, ortho aligners, whitening trays or even a blinging diamond-encrusted grill, HyGenie is what they need and here’s why:

What is HyGenie?

HyGenie is a patented cleaner & storage case for all types of removable dental appliance.

What does HyGenie do?

HyGenie will clean any appliance without causing scratches, discolouration or risking breakages. And it does all this in 30 seconds, without needing batteries.

The Box

The cleaner fits snugly into a durable round plastic box with a secure lid. This does double duty as a soaking bath for dentures as well as a protective storage case for travelling or keeping spare appliances.

The Cage

HyGenie’s core component is its patented multi-rotating cage/drum. This clear plastic drum features large, tilted holes so air, water and the cleaning solution can flow freely during cleaning or draining. And the wide, textured grips on the top and bottom make it super easy for even those with limited mobility to get their twist on for the ultimate clean.

The Brushes

There are brush platforms inside the HyGenie on the top and bottom. Each platform has 5 toothbrush-sized clusters made of soft-silicone bristles at different heights. These bristles flex into tiny nooks and crannies in your dental appliance (what dentists would call the “undercuts”). As the HyGenie grips are rotated, they spin around like a washing machine, effectively scrubbing your appliance with 10 toothbrushes at once.

The Solution

DentalFresh is the perfect partner for the HyGenie dental cleaner. It’s pH balanced and free from alcohol, bleach or parabens which could discolour or damage your appliance. DentalFresh is a gentle detergent which attacks germs and bacteria in seconds, washes away biofilm and leaves a minty freshness behind. It’s even safe for children so you don’t need to panic about little hands and curious minds getting hold of it!

The Demonstration

When we say HyGenie provides a thorough clean in 30 seconds, we mean it. Don’t believe us? See for yourself:

Where to buy HyGenie Dental Cleaner

Dr Mark’s HyGenie is brand new to the UK market for 2021 and it’s on sale right now! You can purchase through your dentist or go direct through specialist retailers like Denture Medics. For more information on HyGenie and buying direct, drop us an email at or call us on 01474 560 618.