Dental Silk – A revolution for our teeth, planet and toilets

Christmas is almost here and with our final orders getting wrapped for the year we’re being a bit cheeky and lifting the lid on our secret project for next year, Dental Silk. It turns out silk isn’t just for fancy pyjamas, neckties and ahem “date night”, it’s also amazingly good for our teeth!

What is Dental Silk?

Dental Silk is our eco-friendly and more gentle alternative to old-fashioned floss. Flossing is great for your teeth but everyone knows aggressive flossing can give you sore gums, what you might not know is that it’s also dangerous for our planet and can cause nasty blockages in the loo. Dental Silk is coming in 2021 to offer a kinder experience to our teeth, environment and long-suffering toilets.

What’s wrong with dental floss?

Dental floss is often made from either nylon or PTFE thread (that’s Teflon to you and me). These materials are strong, but their hydrophobic nature means they don’t play well in the presence of water. This results in them dragging on our gums and causing irritation.

Nylon & PTFE also take a heavy toll on the environment, the manufacturing process is intense and they take absolutely ages to break down and decompose. Plumbers will tell you this makes floss a real menace in the bathroom, it can build up in pipework and cause some particularly nasty blockages.

We’ve had enough, the impact of old-fashioned floss on our teeth, plumbing and planet cannot be ignored any longer. The release of Dental Silk means this outdated floss can be slowly phased out along with Q-tips and other single-use plastic relics.

How is Dental Silk different to floss?

The soft, smooth feel of silk has made it famously popular for luxury underwear and now our mouths can get in on the action too Dental Silk is as gentle on the gums and kind to the environment. The thread itself is 100% natural, biodegradable and carries a low carbon footprint with plastic-free packaging.

On the clinical side we’ve kept the raw efficiency of traditional floss but being hydrophilic means Dental Silk wets evenly and can glide between teeth without cutting into the gums. On the fun side we’re also releasing it in a range of fresh colours and vibrant flavours, all from natural sources of course!

Where can you buy Dental Silk?

Dental Silk is being primed for release in early 2021 when you’ll be able to find it in chemists, pharmacies and supermarkets around the UK. Keep watching this space for updates on Dental Silk as we’ll be releasing more information and pictures in the coming months. Until then, feel free to contact us for more information on our range of Dr Denti home dental care products by dropping us an email at or calling on 01474 560 618.