The test results are back and it’s official, our MGS Mouthwash Tablets are lab tested as 99.9% effective against Covid-19 and other enveloped viruses. In fact, MGS Mouthwash kills Covid-19 in just 30 seconds.

When the pandemic began there was a rumour of mouthwash being an effective Coronavirus killer. Unfortunately, the qualifying mouthwashes were hard to find and had some negative side effects. But now lab testing is complete we can proudly say our mouthwash tablets kill Covid-19 fast. We’re explaining what that means and how you can use MGS Mouthwash Tablets to reduce your chances of infection or serious symptoms from the virus.

What are MGS Mouthwash tablets?

MGS mouthwash comes in effervescent antiseptic tablets in a variety of different flavours. You pop a couple tablets in a glass of water and in a moment you’ll have a brightly coloured, fizzy glass of fresh mouthwash. While they’re available as part of our Dr Denti home use range, they’re the exact same tablets we provide to dental surgeries and hospitals for professional use so you can be confident in their strength and effect.

How MGS Mouthwash can protect against Coronavirus

Our mouthwash is 99.9% effective at killing Covid particles it encounters but we rarely know who has the virus so unless you’re constantly swishing, it’s unlikely to stop all viral particles getting through. However, it can be an effective in making your mouth inhospitable for Covid and reducing the viral load so even if you do catch it, you’ll be less likely to suffer extreme symptoms or pass it on to loved ones.

If you use mouthwash, should you still wear a mask?

As the distancing rules loosen up we’re all looking to get rid of our masks. While MGS mouthwash is effective against viral particles, it’s not intended to replace masks. We suggest you keep using your mask in enclosed spaces with others and make our mouthwash a complementary part of your Covid defence.

When to use mouthwash

Despite its strength against Covid-19, MGS mouthwash is actually quite mild on your teeth so it’s perfectly safe for frequent use. Dentists typically provide it as a mouth rinse during or after treatment but it’s also great for use in your dental routine to reach places your toothbrush can’t quite get. For times when brushing isn’t appropriate, mouthwash is excellent for just after eating (a must if you wear aligners). And now it’s a great idea to use before entering enclosed spaces just in case someone there is unknowingly carrying the virus.

Find out more about MGS Mouthwash Tablets

MGS Mouthwash Tablets are widely available in stores and pharmacies through our Dr Denti Home Use brand. Medical professionals will be able to purchase through their usual suppliers.

The laboratory testing referred to in this post was carried out by the multi-award winning Perfectus Biomed Group at their site in Cheshire, UK. MGS Mouthwash Tablets were tested according to the recognised EN 14476:2013 + A2:2019 standards. If you’d like to know more about MGS Mouthwash, please contact us at or call us on 01474 560 618.