How to fix a broken denture at home (Superfix Method)

Even the best fitting dentures can crack or lose a tooth, whether it’s due to biting down awkwardly on something or an impact like being dropped. In a perfect world, you’d head straight to the dentist for a new denture but for a more realistic (and quick!) option, you can use a home repair kit like our Dr Denti Superfix which will fix your dentures in around 30 minutes.

Superfix pouches are split into two sections, one liquid and one powder. Squeezing the pouch mixes them together into an activated paste to stick your denture back together or replace any teeth that may have popped off, easy! Here’s a walkthrough of the full method:

Step 1: Checking the fit

1 Clean and thoroughly dry the pieces of your denture.

2 Check that it still fits together and nothing is missing.

3 Use a tiny layer of the included Superfix adhesive (not superglue!) to stick the denture together temporarily, wait 20 seconds and then wipe away excess adhesive.

4 Pop your denture in to make sure it still fits ok.

5 Take the pieces apart and move on to Step 2 below.

Step 2: Fixing your denture

1 Using the enclosed sandpaper, gently rub along the crack on the eating side of your denture (i.e. not the bit that fits against your gums) to create a small channel for the paste.

2 Squeeze your Superfix pouch and thoroughly mix the materials into a smooth paste.

3 Put the denture pieces together, pour the paste into the channel and give it 2 minutes to partially set.

4 Wipe away any excess then submerge in hot water for roughly half an hour.

5 Smooth off the repaired surface with the sandpaper, give it a clean and hey presto your denture is fixed!

If you’d like a little more help, click through for our Superfix Instruction Video and full product information.

We’d like to mention here that Superfix offers a semi-permanent repair and we still recommend visiting a dentist or clinical dental technician to have your denture checked over. But while you wait for the appointment date you can get back to talking, eating and just plain smiling with confidence!

Dr Denti Superfix is incredibly easy to use, comes in a discreet tin and should be on hand for every denture wearer, just in case. You can purchase Superfix at chemists and stores around the country, if you’d like more information on the product and where to buy it just drop us an email at or call on 01474 560 618.