Are you feeling self-conscious about stains on your teeth? Stained teeth are extremely common and can be caused by food, drinks and smoking. Avoiding certain foods, drinks and smoking is a great way to prevent stains, though you can also safely remove them, too.

Electric Toothbrush

Investing in an electric toothbrush will help to remove stains from teeth as the bristles rub against the tooth’s surface. Using a whitening toothpaste alongside an electric toothbrush can help the process of stain removal. Most whitening toothpastes contain particles that polish the tooth’s enamel, exposing a tooth that is much cleaner, whiter and stain-free.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has natural whitening properties and has long been used as a way to remove stains from teeth at home. The baking soda works to scrub away at the stains on your teeth because it is mildly abrasive. Whilst it’s not an overnight remedy, you may notice a difference in the appearance of your teeth over time.

Eat Fruit & Veg

It’s important to eat five fruit and vegetables every day to keep your body and gut healthy, but did you also know it’s good for your teeth? Fruit and veg that is raw and crunchy can help to rub away excess plaque throughout the day. It shouldn’t be a substitute for brushing, but it can help to keep plaque at bay. Strawberries and pineapple are two fruits known to keep your smile bright and white.

Prevent Stains

We already mentioned how avoiding certain food and drinks can prevent stains from happening. Natural teeth will yellow with age, but limiting coffee, red wine, fizzy drinks and stained foods like curry, dark berries and foods high in sugar can help to prevent stains from occurring. If you can’t cut these foods out completely, brush your teeth after consumption.

Dr Denti Smile

Dr Denti Smile is an oil-free, dental prophylaxis paste that works to remove stubborn stains and polish teeth. It should not be used in replace of toothpaste, though it is mildly abrasive to allow the natural brightness of teeth to shine through. Dr Denti Smile can help to remove tobacco, tea, coffee, sticky foods, plaque and calculus stains and is formulated especially for use at home.

If you’d like to try an effective way of removing stains on your teeth, Dr Denti Smile is the ideal way to do so. For more information about all Dr Denti home-use products, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the GAP team today by calling us on 01474 560618 or via our contact page.