For those new to toothpaste tablets or about to make the switch, here are our manufacturer guidelines on how to use toothpaste tablets effectively.

Choose a good quality product

Save yourself the trial and error of sampling second-rate toothpaste tablets and follow our instructions on how to choose an excellent product first time. We set out the key requirements of foam, flavour and fluoride. Whatever brand you choose make sure it provides a dense foam, tastes good and contains enough fluoride to protect your teeth.

How many toothpaste tablets to chew

For an effective clean, be sure to use two toothpaste tablets, one for each side of the mouth. This will make sure both sides are coated evenly and neither misses out on the benefits of chewing. With Dr Denti Toothpaste Tablets, chewing kicks off the cleaning process by removing surface debris and getting toothpaste granules into those tight spots beneath the gums or between the teeth.

When to start brushing

Chewing your tablets should produce a thick foam, once this happens you can start brushing away as normal. If your tablets are non-foaming, we strongly suggest you chuck them in the bin and get some decent replacements asap. Non-foaming tablets will break up into a watery slurry which is messy, and very difficult to actually clean with.

Can you use an electric toothbrush with tablets?

Yes! Electric toothbrushes have been shown to clean teeth and gums better than manual brushes. For maximum results we recommend using an electric toothbrush with Dr Denti Toothpaste Tablets. The only time you may prefer to use a manual brush is with non-foaming tablets as an electric toothbrush will flick the watery mixture everywhere. Of course, the best solution is to buy tablets with a good foaming action in the first place.

Should you swallow toothpaste tablet foam?

Just like with old-fashioned paste, swallowing the foam after brushing your teeth is unlikely to do you any harm but it’s still not recommended! After brushing, just spit and rinse away in the sink. Equally, even though Dr Denti Toothpaste Tablets taste great, please remember they are not breath mints so try to avoid eating them ????

If you're looking to purchase Dr Denti Toothpaste Tablets, you can buy them in eco-friendly packaging from online oral care suppliers or your local pharmacy. For a pointer towards your nearest retailer send us an email on or call us on 01474 650 618.