Keep Your Crowns On With These Simple Steps

Most of the time crowns are a necessity. You’ve got one because you’ve cracked your tooth on accident, or perhaps you have weak teeth that are in need of protection. Sometimes the tooth has eroded to the point where you are in need of a crown to keep a filling in place.

Getting a crown for the first time can cause some trepidation as people are unsure how to maintain them. A crown usually lasts about five years, but proper care can make them last much longer.

Avoid Hard Food

Chewing hard foods with skin such fruit can cause damage to a crown. Also chewing ice or hard sweets can crack a porcelain crown. It’s important to find another way to consume a hard food, or perhaps stock up on ice cream. Just remember to brush!

Don’t Grind Your Teeth

Some people grind their teeth out of stress, others do it without even realizing. If you want to find out why you grind your teeth and you want to stop, consult your dentist.


By flossing or using interdental cleaners, you remove harmful plaque. Sometimes bacteria that can affect your dental health is invisible. Even if an area appears to be clean, it’s a good idea to go over it again. If you leave plaque around your teeth, it can cause decay to your crown.

Have a Good Brushing Routine

You know the old rule. Once in the morning after breakfast and once before bed. Good oral hygiene really is essential for keeping your crowns and your teeth in good working order. If you are the kind of person who forgets to brush their teeth, you could always put a reminder on your phone or set up little written reminders around your house.

Reseal Your Crown

If your crown dislodges, you can temporarily re-cement them. This is a quick and easy way to upkeep your own dental health on the go. For more information about resealing crowns, click here.

Visit Your Dentist

Regular check-ups are key to maintaining crown health, your dentist will be able to make sure that your crown is being taken care of and can give you useful tips about dental needs.

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