A former GAP employee lost his front tooth playing hockey as a teenager (lesson: wear a proper mouth guard) and got fitted for a partial denture. That’s sad enough at the tender age of 17 but the worst was yet to come…

A romantic occasion

A year later, he’d scored a hot date and was making the standard chit chat when he went to sip his drink and his denture picked that moment to come loose and fall into his pint. Naturally his date was shocked and without thinking he plunged his hand into the glass to get his denture back, spilling cider everywhere, making everything so much worse and ensuring he wouldn’t get a second date.

On live TV

No matter how well dentures fit at first, our mouths change and those dentures can become loose over time. Making nightmare situations like this a very real concern for those with false teeth, even US President Joe Biden wasn’t immune when he had a slight malfunction on live TV:

After jumping out of a plane

Denture wearers can tell you that President Biden played it very cool to keep his composure when the natural reaction is one of shock and distress. Our teeth are fundamental not only for eating and drinking, but also to how we present and express ourselves. Losing them can be such a blow to the confidence that it could even override the primal response to skydiving*:

Anyone who thinks the adrenaline rush from free falling takes precedence in that situation, has never had to worry about their denture falling out in public. The second this person realises their denture is gone, the joy is sucked out of the experience and her main concern becomes hiding her mouth in embarrassment.

In hindsight it’s easy to have a giggle at these events and YouTube is littered with people losing dentures while blowing out birthday candles, giving speeches at funerals, eating at restaurants, riding rollercoasters, singing in choirs, etc…

Preventing the dreaded denture fall out

If you’d rather not end up on a list of funny videos, we recommend keeping a denture fixative like Dr Denti Sof-Grip handy.

Sof-Grip is a soft denture fixative and liner that can act as a comfortable cushion for wearing in new dentures as well as stabilising them if they’re loose. It comes ready mixed, can be applied in 5 minutes and each application can last up to 8 weeks without issue. Sof-Grip is available through pharmacies and stores as well as various online retailers. For more information about denture fixatives or where to purchase, email us at or phone us on 01474 560 618.

* If you’re ever walking around and a denture falls out of the sky, now you know what happened.