Patients losing their dentures while in care is widely reported all around the world but there are simple, cost-effective ways to protect yourself against loss.

Along with hearing aids & glasses, dentures are small, lightweight and they all look vaguely similar so it’s easy to understand why these three things are commonly reported missing. Dentures are particularly vulnerable to loss as many people don’t have a dedicated storage case for them and they’re often collected in one group to be washed together – prime conditions for a mix up!

Here are some of the most common ways dentures are lost in care homes:

Dentures tidied away during waste collection

Denture wearers are often embarrassed by having their dentures on show so wrap them in a tissue at night. To care staff this can be mistaken for rubbish and thrown into the bin during cleaning.

Dentures taken by another resident

Sadly common in facilities where patients are struggling with memory-related ailments.

Dentures given to the wrong person

When dentures are grouped together for washing staff may mistakenly give them back to the wrong people.

Dentures destroyed in the laundry

Dentures that have been left in a pocket overnight can be put through the washing machine and end up heavily damaged.

Dentures broken during cleaning

Dropping dentures while cleaning is an everyday hazard for care staff and the impact frequently causes dentures to break.

Thankfully there are ways to protect yourself against denture loss. If you or someone you know are entering a care home, hospital or assisted living facility, make sure they follow these steps:

Label your dentures

Your local dental laboratory or dental practice should be able to put a discreet name/initials tag on your dentures to help you quickly identify them and prevent any mix ups.

Buy an effective denture cleaner

Don’t subject your denture to the “communal cleaner”. Get a dedicated cleaner like the patented Dr Mark’s HyGenie to keep them safe and clean. As a bonus it also doubles as protective storage when your denture isn’t in use.

Get a denture repair kit

Because accidents can still happen, dentures are always at risk of getting broken. Luckily this is something you can repair yourself with the correct materials. With Dr Denti Superfix you can repair a broken denture in just 30 minutes. Keep a pack of Superfix in with your first aid materials just in case.

Keep a spare set of dentures

If the worst does happen and your denture still gets lost or damaged beyond repair, there’s no substitute for a set of copy dentures. While expensive, it sure beats ending up without your dentures and having to shell out for a replacement set at short notice!

Dr Mark's HyGenie & Dr Denti Superfix are both available from online dental retailers as well as local pharmacies. For more information on our denture-related products or details on your closest suppler you can email us on or call us on 01474 650 618.