Missing Dr Denti kits found for black market resale

It’s very difficult to get dental treatment at the moment which means demand for our Dr Denti home-use range has been steadily

increasing since March. That demand hit a new peak recently when we learned that one of our October shipments had gone missing in suspicious circumstances. Somehow, over £30,000 worth of stock that was meant for one of our clients in Germany was misappropriated, now that’s too many dental kits even for the most dedicated stockpiler!

A few weeks after the incident we received a call from an auction house saying someone was selling our products and they needed to translate some instructions from German to English. Sure enough, the listing matched the missing goods list and a quick check of the unique batch code against our records confirmed our suspicions. Needless to say, the police will be paying a visit to those involved and subject to tamper-inspections we hope that order will be back en route to Germany asap.

Thankfully we’re a registered medical manufacturer and each batch we produce carries a unique code so we can identify where, when and how much was made as well as the exact materials used. So as soon as we got a call from the auction house we had everything we needed to join the dots, inform the police and reclaim our stock so none of the customers had to wait too long.

While this is a funny little story with a happy ending it also goes to show just how desperate people are for dental care at the moment. If the Dr Denti range wasn’t so heavily in demand it wouldn’t be worth the risk of half-inching it to resell.

During this second national lockdown we can reassure you that GAP will continue to manufacture dental supplies and meet orders. We are a UK-based manufacturer that has been operating successfully for over 30 years and as we are constantly in production we do not expect to run out of stock. You can purchase our kits from reputable brick and mortar pharmacies and shops as well as online vendors so there’s no need to pay anyone who might have lifted it off the back of a lorry! For more information on our range of Dr Denti products drop us an email at info@gapdental.com or call us on 01474 560 618.