Brushing your teeth is boring, especially for kids. Luckily Dr Denti Disclosing Tablets are just the thing to make brushing more fun, which means healthy teeth and fewer dental bills in their future!

Tooth decay among kids has risen since Covid, in fact the dental industry pointed out 4 major causes for the increase since the pandemic began:

Loss of routine

Getting your teeth brushed before you leave for school is standard for children, but it’s easy to skip if you’re distance-learning and can just roll out of bed minutes before the class Zoom session starts. And your classmates can’t smell bad breath over video chat!

Constant access to snacks

Just like us adults, lockdown gave many kids regular access to snacks outside of their usual school break/lunch times. This meant a greatly increased risk of cavities even before we consider the effects of the lockdown baking boom.

Sugary drinks instead of water

Most schools don’t allow pupils to bring sugary drinks and ask children to only bring plain water or milk (even squash and flavoured water are banned). But these rules don’t apply at home and many kids would have opted for fizzy and sweetened drinks during school hours.

Limited access to dental check ups

The huge backlog of patients waiting to be seen means dentists are prioritising those in most urgent need of care. Kids who would benefit from a check-up and pep talk from their dentist are just not getting a look in compared to adults suffering tooth loss or severe pain.

Effective brushing is the best way for us to fight back against this rise in tooth decay. But it’s hard to make kids feel invested in fighting against something they can’t see. And that’s where disclosing tablets come in!

Dr Denti Disclosing Tablets

Disclosing tablets stain plaque that’s gotten stuck to teeth so you can see exactly where you need to brush to remove it. Chew a tablet, swish and then spit the newly coloured saliva out and give your biggest grin in the mirror, you’ll see new plaque coloured bright red and old plaque coloured in Blue.

Disclosing tablets are a fun and colourful way to show children that the plaque you’re warning them about it is real while also guiding them in proper brushing technique. These tablets can instil good habits that your kids (and their wallets!) will be thankful for later in life. And while this is a great product for kids, it’s works wonders for adults who need to brush up on their technique too!

Dr Denti Disclosing Tablets are safe for both adult and children and can be found in chemists and stores around the country. For more information on where to buy, drop us an email on info@gapdental.com or call on 01474 560 618.