Last week an organised group of thieves used power tools to cut their way into a secure unit in Lincolnshire overnight. Once inside they loaded 48 pallets of goods into a haulage container and used the lorry to ram through the exit barrier as they made a clean getaway.

What did they steal? A whopping £25,000 worth of mouthwash and other home-use dental products.

It’s not quite Ocean’s 11

Normally we’d brush this off as a mistake by the thieves but a few months back we fell victim to a similar incident ourselves as Dr Denti home-treatment kits totalling £30,000 went missing. The kits were destined for Germany but luckily, they were found for resale on the black market and the police quickly got involved for us.

This coming week members of our team are travelling to Germany with product samples to show off at the International Dental Show in Cologne. As you’d expect, we’re going to be super-vigilant in keeping an eye out for any rogue traders while we’re there!

Dental products are a strange choice of target but when you consider how hard it is to get a dental appointment right now you start to get to the root of the issue.

Faced with huge waiting times to see the dentist, many of us are turning to self-treatment for simple ailments. Luckily, there are plenty of safe, easy to use dental kits that are widely available in supermarkets, chemists and local stores around the country.

With the right product, you can resolve many of the most dental common problems yourself. Here’s a quick selection from our own Dr Denti Home Use Range:

Loose Crown

Stained Teeth
Smile or Disclosing Tablets

Broken Dentures

Lost Filling

Loose Dentures

Smelly Dentures
Dr Mark’s HyGenie

Even our Mouthwash Tablets go the extra distance by being certified 99.9% effective against Covid-19 as well as keeping your breath fresh!

The Dr Denti home-use range was designed to help people quickly treat themselves. This way everyone can get on with their lives instead of sitting in pain until they can see a dentist.

Demand for our products may be through the roof but rest assured our team are working hard to keep up with orders so there’s no need to go buying your dental products off crooks who might have stolen it out of a warehouse. For more information on our Dr Denti range or details of your nearest vendor, drop us an email at or call us on 01474 560 618.