FreshAlign Cleaning Foam

FreshAlign Cleaning Foam is suitable for all your aligner/retainer needs! This product can also be used to clear mouthguards and removal intra-oral appliances! The blue, antiseptic foam de-odourises the aligner leaving it feeling fresh with no greasy residue! Stains are lifted and removed along with debris left behind from our daily food intake. The product contains no bleach so you can use this product knowing your aligners integrity will be maintained.

Instructions for use:

  1. 1). Apply the foam onto the fitting surface of the intra-oral appliance, ensuring even distribution to cover all necessary areas.
  2. 2). Allow the foam to work for a minimum of 60 seconds, or longer if desired.
  3. 3). Gently brush the foam with a soft toothbrush for another 60 seconds, then rinse thoroughly with cold water.
    Your intra-oral appliance is now ready to be worn!