MGS - Prophy Bristle Brushes

This prophylaxis brush has been solely designed to fit effortlessly onto slow, latch type headpieces for a smooth polishing of teeth. The cup shape allows for quick loading of the pumice slurry or prophylaxis paste. The shape makes for precision when cleaning and polishing natural teeth as well as glass ionomer, composite and metallic fillings.

What makes Prophy Bristle brushes so unique is the handling of the bristles in production. These Chunking Bristles are twice bleach boiled to ensure thorough disinfection has been carried out. Chunking Bristles are chosen for their natural characteristics; they wet much easier than nylon filaments and have a greater holding capacity for water, resulting in a noticeable reduction of splatter occurring.

Also available are goat hair prophy brushes, which offer a softer approach to brushing. They are ideal for severe periodontal or gingivitis cases and are excellent to use when performing scale and polish on patients with pregnancy gingivitis.

Our bristle brushes are also available in our new Klinipac dispensing system. These convenient and hygienic packs allow complete control over cross infection, with each brush kept completely barrier protected.

 Prophy bristle brushes