The UK’s Oral Health Foundation believes roughly two thirds of us are using an electric toothbrush to clean our teeth. Electric toothbrushes are great for effective cleaning, but have you ever seen how much gunk builds up inside them?

Our mouths contain billions of bacteria so even with the finest toothpaste on Earth, we still need to give our toothbrushes a thorough rinse before putting them back in the cupboard. Unfortunately, this is where electric toothbrushes need a bit more TLC to stop them getting mouldy. Luckily, we’ve got some tips to help you keep that brush hygienic and fresh.

Why do electric toothbrushes get so mouldy?

Most of the bacteria left on our brushes after cleaning need moisture to survive so when a toothbrush dries out, the bacteria tend to die off pretty quick. But unlike the old-fashioned version, your electric toothbrush has a bunch of little nooks and crannies that will keep bacteria moist and cosy. Bacteria will collect anywhere that water can get into the brush; think inside the head, where the head meets the handle or even inside the handle itself. If bacteria are not cleaned out, they’ll wait there quite happily, growing mould for you to pop back into your mouth – yuck!

How to properly clean an electric toothbrush

Make sure you remove the toothbrush head and any other detachable pieces, give them all a thorough clean and let them dry individually rather than keeping them together. This will allow as much airflow through the components as possible, so the bacteria have nowhere moist to hide. Avoid excessively hot water as it could damage the bristles and don’t forget to clean off the charging stand if it’s looking grubby. And don’t forget to clean inside the toothbrush head, if you can see any visible mould inside the head, chuck it out and get a new one.

How to stop mould building up inside your toothbrush

Getting right into the tiny crevices in your toothbrush head is virtually impossible so make a point of soaking the brush head in a mild antiseptic solution at least once a week instead. For obvious reasons you’ll need a liquid cleaner that’s safe for use in the mouth so something like MGS Mouthwash Tablets from our Dr Denti Home Use range would be perfect. As a cheeky bonus MGS Mouthwash Tablets have even been lab-tested as 99.9% effective as Covid-19, killing the virus in just 30 seconds. So if your toothbrush has any Covid contaminants a quick soak should kill them off, that’s one less thing to worry about!

MGS Mouthwash Tablets are used in both clinical and domestic settings. For home use you can find them as part of the Dr Denti brand in your local store or pharmacy. If you’re buying for your dental clinic or hospital, you can order them in bulk through your usual suppliers.

Our mouthwash tablets were tested to EN 14476:2013 + A2:2019 standards by the award winning Perfectus Biomed Group in Cheshire, UK. If you’d like to know more about the product or the testing, please contact us at or call us on 01474 560 618.