Protect yourself against Covid related tooth loss!

Nearly a year on from the first UK lockdown, our NHS doctors are seeing more Covid-19 survivors in need of ongoing care from a mix of virus side effects as well as symptoms of "Long Covid". A growing number of these are reporting concerns such as cracked teeth, sensitive gums and even tooth loss.

Symptoms of Long Covid

The Covid Symptom Study in partnership with King’s College London has found that around one in 20 infected people suffers with Long Covid and their data has been helpful in putting together a list of symptoms so people know what to look out for. The NHS has put together a list here which broadly covers fatigue, depression and difficulty breathing among other bodily concerns.

Dental effects of Covid

Many of those who manage to dodge long-term respiratory problems are now suffering with dental issues. Some of this is possibly down to behaviour, e.g. cracked teeth from stress-induced grinding or gum disease from poor hygiene in lockdown. And unfortunately, nearly 25% of adults in the UK is no longer brushing twice a day. Despite this drop in home dental care, many of the sufferers and their dentists are not convinced by behavioural causes and are looking at links to the virus.

As reported by the British Heart Foundation, evidence from several medical journals showed Covid-19 having a negative impact on our blood vessels. This is bad news for those with heart or blood pressure issues but it could also affect the supply of blood to our teeth and would explain why otherwise dentally fit patients are starting to come forward with strangely similar stories of tooth loss.

How to reduce risk of Covid-related tooth loss?

The current theory is that pre-existing dental problems are being aggravated by the virus. In which case, the best way to protect yourself is to stay dentally fit, maintain your hygiene routine and get checked by a dentist regularly to make sure your teeth are in good condition.

We realise that last one is tricky right now but you can give yourself a helping hand at home by using Dr Denti Disclosing Tablets to spot problem areas you may be missing while brushing. Using disclosing tablets is super easy and very effective at highlighting blindspots in your home dental care. After brushing, simply chew a tablet, swish and spit then check your teeth in the mirror. Leftover plaque will be coloured blue if it’s over 3 days old and red if it’s more recent, showing you where to focus your brushing for best results.

Dr Denti Disclosing Tablets are safe for both adults and children and can be found at chemists and supermarkets around the country. For more information send an email through to or call on 01474 560 618.