Disclosing Tablets


Simply by chewing a disclosing tablet for a few seconds, tooth plaque and impacted food adhering to teeth is revealed. Tooth cleaning and brushing techniques can then be adjusted to ensure thorough removal of all the caries causing plaque and other organic debris. This is a very easy product to use, and is an excellent tool for teaching children how to properly brush their teeth in a new and fun way.


Chew one tablet for 30 seconds. Sluice saliva over teeth and through the interdental gaps. Spit tablet and stained saliva directly into spittoon or into sink whilst tap water is running. Inspect tooth stain; red disclosure indicates 1 to 3 day old plaque and blue disclosure indicates over 3 day old plaque. Brush teeth to remove all staining. If necessary use interdental brush and dental floss to remove hard to reach stains such as in gaps between the teeth.


For prophylactic and diagnostic purposes only. Tablets have NO medical or pharmaceutical action. This product will temporarily stain cloth, towels and skin.

Disclosing tablets