Our Dr Denti - Water Flosser Tablets have been designed with the user in mind. The dual action not only prevents debris from remaining in the water flosser device but also irrigates and cleans those hard-to-reach places in-between the teeth!

What do Dr Denti - Water Flosser Tablets do?

These tablets are ideal for preventing the build-up of debris and removing plaque from in-between the gaps in our teeth producing an even thorough clean that is designed to last all day. They also aid with cleaning at gum-line level which is just as important for preventing bad breath, gum disease and the onset of decay etc.

These tablets are also designed to keep your water flosser fresh. Available in spear-mint flavour in a shade of blue, effervescent and contains Fluoride - preventing the onset of tooth decay.

How do I use Dr Denti - Water Flosser Tablets?

The Water Flosser Tablets are very simple to use. Once you have filled the water tank with the required level of water, just add a single tablet to the reservoir and watch the tablet dissolve! On dissolving the water will begin to turn blue and have a spear-mint flavour.

How do Dr Denti - Water Flosser Tablets work?

With the force exerted by the water flosser device, the solution is able to get into those hard to reach places inclusive of underneath the gum-line and clear any debris which may have settled leaving a feeling of freshness behind!

What makes Dr Denti - Water Flosser tablets better than just water?

Not only will there now be a pleasant flavour to the water but also the same solution will ensure your water flosser device is kept clean and prevent any debris from lurking around! Resulting in a much fresher experience when using the water flosser device! The addition of Fluoride is an extra plus!

Our Water Flosser Tablets come in eco-friendly packaging containing 40 tablets. Get yours today!

If you have any further questions regarding our Home-Use range please email info@gapdental.com or call our office on 01474 560 618.