how can i brush more effectively?

Brushing twice daily has proven to be very important for maintaining the health of the mouth. Not only does brushing aid with decreasing the risk of decay settling in but also prevents bad breath! However, at times we may feel we are not effectively brushing and may become curious to identify the areas we need to target better – Disclosing Tablets are the perfect solution!

What are Disclosing Tablets?

Disclosing Tablets are designed to reveal adhered tooth plaque and impacted food around the teeth where the toothbrush has not fully cleaned with a temporary stain.

How do you use Disclosing Tablets?

One tablet is chewed for 30 seconds, with the saliva produced wash this over the teeth and through the gaps in-between your teeth. Spit the tablet and the stained saliva directly into the sink with the tap running. Now you are ready to inspect the stains!

How is the plaque revealed?

Red stains indicate 1 to 3 day old plaque whilst blue stains indicate over 3 day old plaque.

How do I remove the stains?

Brush the teeth as normal to remove all staining. It may be necessary to use interdental brushes and dental floss to remove the hard-to-reach stains, i.e., in-between teeth.

Why are Disclosing Tablets useful?

Disclosing Tablets are not only designed to ensure you are able to identify those areas of the mouth where brushing is not as effective but also have proven to be an invaluable educational tool for both children and adults! The product is very easy to use and has the ability to teach the user a more thorough brushing technique in a new and fun way!

Please note, Disclosing Tablets are for prophylactic and diagnostic purposes only. These tablets have NO medical or pharmaceutical action. This product will temporarily stain cloth, towels and skin should this occur wash immediately with warm soapy water.

If you have any further questions regarding our Home-Use range please email or call our office on 01474 560618.