Toothpaste foam plays a crucial role in helping to clean your teeth which is why it’s a common feature to almost every traditional toothpaste on the market. People who use non-foaming toothpaste tablets often wonder if it’s less effective and they’re right to be concerned!

This week we’re explaining why toothpaste foam is so integral to good oral health, the risks of using a non-foaming cleaner and revealing our pick for the best foaming toothpaste tablets on the market today.

Toothpaste foam improves coverage during cleaning

The foaming nature of a good toothpaste product has two main advantages in terms of coverage. Firstly, foam has a massively increased surface area compared to a purely liquid solution. This means it can spread further throughout the mouth, evenly distributing the cleaning agent and making sure there are no missed spots.

Second, the ongoing froth effect forces the foam into all the nooks and crannies of the mouth. As the foam continues to bubble, swishing it around the mouth helps to dislodge any debris before brushing starts and also gives one last clean sweep before you finally spit.

The surfactant effect of toothpaste foam

Surfactants reduce surface friction between two touching components. In toothpaste, the foam acts as a surfactant to break the bond between oral debris and the tooth surface. Basically, foam loosens plaque and tartar from the tooth’s surface so you can easily brush it all away.

The problem with non-foaming toothpastes

You don’t know what you got till it’s gone and brushing your teeth without foam is a pretty miserable experience! Foam-free toothpastes potentially have a severely reduced cleaning effect. Without the foam you’re left with a thin, sloppy mixture that’s very difficult to spread around the mouth without being dribbled down your chin and splattered into the sink. And to make matters worse, even if you do manage to spread it around OK, without the surfactant effect it will struggle to shift debris from your teeth.

Dr Denti Toothpaste Tablets are the best

Our Dr Denti Toothpaste Tablets are designed to improve on traditional paste in every way. Chewing our tablets loosens surface debris and forces the granules into the little gaps in teeth before they start to foam. Wherever your food gets stuck when you chew, that’s exactly where our cleaning tablets are going too! The rich foam offers an increased surfactant effect that tingles pleasantly as you brush, leaving your mouth clean and feeling great.

Today we focused our attention on foam alone but if you’re considering the switch to toothpaste tablets, check out our recent rundown of the top five reasons to make the change today.

Dr Denti products are available now from local pharmacies or specialist online retailers. If you’d like a pointer on your nearest vendor or more information on the best products for you, please email our office at info@gapdental.com or give us a call on 01474 560 618.