Convenient, environmentally-friendly and potentially better for your teeth than old-fashioned paste, you should really switch to toothpaste tablets if you haven’t already. For anyone yet to make the switch, we’ve collated our top five reasons to embrace the latest upgrade to your oral health.

Plain old toothpaste has been packed in tubes since 1892 and barring the addition of fluoride and chemical preservatives, not a great deal has changed in the last 130 years, until recently that is! We’ve been working behind the scenes on a superior tooth cleaning product, one that cleans as effectively or better than traditional paste but also meets modern requirements like convenience and consideration for the environment.

The wait has been worth it and Dr Denti Toothpaste Tablets are available now. Here are the top five reasons you should make the switch to toothpaste tablets today:

1 More effective cleaning

Dr Denti Toothpaste Tablets are first chewed to break them up into granules while helping loosen surface debris from the teeth. These granules are naturally pushed into gaps between the teeth and beneath the gums where brushes and paste cannot reach before reacting with your saliva and fizzing up into a cleaning foam for you to brush with. This provides a deep, safe clean and much fresher breath than old-style paste.

2 Toothpaste tablets are environmentally friendly

In the UK alone, 300 million toothpaste tubes end up in landfill every year. Made from multiple plastics and often layered with metal, these tubes cannot be easily separated and recycled. Tubes take an average of 500 years to biodegrade so every tube you’ve ever used is still out there somewhere. By contrast, our Dr Denti Toothpaste Tablets come in biodegradeable plastic-free packaging so your conscience will be as clean as your smile!

3 Travel-friendly and perfect for emergencies

Dr Denti Toothpaste tablets come in compact tubes or tins and can be safely packed in luggage, drawers and handbags without spilling. Being totally dry, the tablets have long shelf-life and can be taken into liquid-free environments like planes. If you’re caught short and need fresh, clean teeth in a hurry, you can chew, rinse and spit for an on the go clean without your toothbrush. Toothpaste tablets are an absolute lifesaver for surprise social events like impromptu dates or even post-lunch work meetings.

4 Tablets are more hygienic than paste

Ever wondered how many people in your house have wiped their toothbrush against the tube when squeezing out their toothpaste? Every time that happens bacteria are potentially being spread around. You (hopefully) wouldn’t share a toothbrush, why risk someone else’s poor hygiene by sharing a tube of paste? Not as clumsy or random as a toothpaste tube, toothpaste tablets are a cleaner, more elegant solution for a more civilised age.

5 Free from harmful preservatives

Liquid toothpastes are typically loaded with chemical preservatives to stop them going off and help them foam up in the mouth rather than in the tube. These chemical preservatives like SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) can have the unfortunate side-effect of irritating soft tissues in the mouth and causing ulcers. Dr Denti Toothpaste Tablets are supplied dry with no need for such chemicals.

Available with or without fluoride, Dr Denti Toothpaste Tablets are an exciting and overdue upgrade to outdated toothpaste, better for you and better for the environment. You can purchase toothpaste tablets from chemists around the country as well as select online retailers. If you’d like more information on where to purchase or how to choose among the types available, send an email to info@gapdental.com or call us on 01474 560 618.