As more of us switch our old-fashioned paste for toothpaste tablets, it’s getting harder to tell which brands are offering the best product. Thankfully we’ve got some pointers on how to spot inferior tablets along with must-have criteria when choosing the brand that’s best for you.

Avoiding inferior toothpaste tablets

A quick look at the ingredients list will tell you that poor-quality toothpaste tablets are more or less mint-flavoured chalk in a tablet form. While they look the part, they won’t have any foaming action and instead will produce a watery slurry that doesn’t adhere to your teeth and will no doubt splatter over your mirror and stain your clothes. They also have the unfortunate side effect of leaving powdery white residue over your lips. Don’t waste your cash on substandard products, follow our guide below and get your money’s worth.

How to spot high-quality toothpaste tablets


Rich foaming action is incredibly important when it comes to cleaning your teeth and gives toothpaste tablets an edge over traditional paste. Look for tablets with a micro-bubble formula as this means the chewed granules are forced into pockets of space beneath the gums and between the teeth where a brush can’t reach. The foam activates in these areas and forces dirt and debris out, leaving your mouth fresh and clean. If your toothpaste tablets don’t foam, you’re wasting your money.

Conclusion – Make absolutely sure your toothpaste tablets provide a dense foam for effective cleaning.


Some popular toothpaste tablet brands are known by their distinctive taste which many people find unpleasant. If this is you, you don’t have to suffer in silence! Life is too short for foul-tasting toothpaste and there are plenty of brands out there offering standard peppermint as well as more interesting fruity variations. Effective oral care is a healthy way to start and end your day so make it a happy, enjoyable occasion, pick tastier toothpaste tablets.

Conclusion – Toothpaste tablets should have a pleasant flavour and there are plenty to choose from.


Fluoride is a really effective tool in the fight against dental decay and we would 100% advise against fluoride-free tablets. Cleaning your teeth without fluoride will leave you open to poor oral health in future and we’d seriously question any brand that exclusively offers fluoride-free dental care. They should provide the option of fluoride in toothpaste tablets so you can make the choice yourself.

Conclusion – Your toothpaste tablets should contain fluoride to protect your teeth.

Friendly to the environment

Eco-friendliness is a huge draw for toothpaste tablets! Each old-fashioned toothpaste tube can take 500 years to biodegrade in landfill, and we didn’t progress this far from the olden days just to repeat the same old packaging mistakes. Choose toothpaste tablets in biodegradable and/or reusable packaging and make sure the ingredients are vegan friendly without any harmful preservatives. The dry nature of toothpaste tablets means we can leave out preservatives like SLS (sodium lauryl-sulfate) without compromising shelf-life.

Conclusion – Toothpaste tablets should be vegan-friendly and come in biodegradable packaging.

Which toothpaste tablets are best?

Upgrading your oral healthcare with toothpaste tablets is a no-brainer and for an option that fits all four of our key criteria we fully recommend Dr Denti Toothpaste Tablets.

Dr Denti Toothpaste Tablets have a unique bursting micro-bubble formula that creates an intense foaming action. This dense foam marries best-in-class cleaning results with a tingly-fresh fizzy mint flavour, leaving your teeth looking and tasting fantastic. Dr Denti tablets also come in eco-friendly packaging so you can get your teeth on point without the guilt and they come in both fluoride and fluoride-free options so you can choose the product to suit your needs.

Available for purchase from local chemists and select online retailers, if you’d like a pointer towards your nearest vendor send us an email on or call us on 01474 560 618.