That morning cup of coffee is a welcome treat for millions around the world, but new evidence shows that depending on how you take it, it could actually be hugely beneficial to your dental health too. With that in mind we had a dig in to find out what types of coffee are best for your teeth, and which ones should be avoided or kept to a minimum. We’ve also got some neat tips for getting rid of dental stains and coffee breath!

How coffee improves dental health

It turns out that strong coffee (such as that made from Robusta beans) is naturally rich in polyphenols, much like the dark chocolate we recently recommended for your more tooth-friendly Easter eggs. Polyphenols are a naturally-occurring chemical that can slow or even prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth. The knock-on effect in this case is a reduction in tooth decay and bad breath.

What’s the catch?

Unfortunately, adding things to your coffee stops the polyphenols working. This goes for sugar, milk and even artificial sweetener. If you take your coffee black, you’re in luck as those polyphenols are free to do their anti-bacterial business but you’ll still have to watch out for a few side-effects…

Damaging dental effects of coffee

While strong black coffee can slow bacteria growth, it’s also quite acidic and could slowly wear down the protective enamel layer on the teeth of long-term drinkers. This can be mitigated by rinsing with water after drinking or having a quick swish with our Dr Denti Mouthwash. Of course black coffee is also notorious for staining teeth so while drinker’s teeth are more likely to be dentally fit, they might not look it!

How to remove coffee stains from teeth

Long-term internal staining can only safely be fixed with professional-grade teeth whitening from your dentist. But most coffee stains are on the surface so you can fix that yourself with a home-use prophylaxis paste (prophy paste) like Dr Denti SMILE.

Designed for you to use at home, SMILE is kind enough on teeth to be used with your toothbrush as part of your standard oral care routine. A one week course of daily brushing with SMILE with remove surface stains from tobacco, food and drink as well as removing stubborn plaque and tartar from the teeth.

Say goodbye to coffee breath

Coffee breath can be just as embarrassing as stained teeth but our new Toothpaste Tablets are the perfect antidote to keep you fresh and tasty. The tablets feature an innovative granule-foaming action which releases a rush of microbubbles to cover the teeth. The microbubbles disrupt coffee stains and lift debris so you can swish, spit and be left with fizzy fresh breath. The handy miniature packaging is compact enough to slip in your pocket and it’s eco-friendly so your conscience will be just as clean as your teeth!

Dr Denti Smile, Mouthwash & Toothpaste Tablets are available from chemists and general stores around the country. For more information on the products email our office at or call us on 01474 560 618.