Denture Case

A strong, cleverly designed denture case for storing both upper and lower denture or other removable dental appliance such as orthodontic brace.

This is a premium denture case built to last for years and has several unique features:

• Water tight silicone seal

• Two compartments, a wet compartment for soaking dentures and a dry compartment for storing denture brush and denture cleaning tablets

• A double lock mechanism to prevent leakages when the case is carried in pocket or bag

• A ergonomically designed denture brush allows for firm gripping and the twin brush head incorporates firm bristles for cleaning the non-fitting surface whilst the soft bristles are perfect for the gentle cleaning of the fitting surface of denture

• No visible markings or identifiers to respect the owners discretion and privacy

Dr Denti Denture Case is not to be confused with other low cost flimsy cases which leak and split in a very short time, this case has been built for long term usage.

  • 1. Optional travel bag
  • 2. Sleek and compact appearance
  • 3. 80ml storage compartment capable of soaking the complete denture
  • 4. Reduce your daily cleaning expense by 70%
  • 5. Unique economically structured
  • 6. Easy Brush with effort-saving and firm-grip design
  • The handle has been designed with added strength, allowing finger pressure to be applied fully at any brushing angle for easy and thorough denture cleaning.

    Denture Case