The key to a healthy mouth is a healthy cleaning routine… and we’re not just talking about brushing and flossing your teeth. You need to take a holistic approach – all removable dental appliance included. Cleaning the appliance properly and thoroughly ensures that your dental hygiene routine is tip-top. This means fewer trips to the dentist (and doctor).Dr Mark’s HyGenie is an all-in-one system that cleans, stores and protects your night guard quickly and safely so you don’t have to think twice about it.

Dr Mark’s HyGenie is a scientifically proven, all-in-one solution to properly clean, store and protect all removable dental appliances. Paired with Dr Mark’s DentalFresh pH balanced, paraben and alcohol-free formulation, the process takes less than one minute for the ultimate hygienic clean. Avoiding nasty oral diseases doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. Dr Mark’s HyGenie is backed by more than 30 years of dental experience, is recommended by 10 out of 10 dentists and is a simple and easy solution to a common problem.

Putting dirty removable dental appliances in your mouth.

The number one cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene. So you can’t afford to ignore your oral care routine if you want to avoid embarrassing smelly breath, and that includes putting dirty removable dental appliances in your mouth. Dr Mark's HyGenie products can hygienically clean your removable oral device - that includes retainers, aligners, night guards, dentures and more - in less than a minute. Try it today to remove odour and stains and keep your breath fresh.


No matter why you wear dentures, it’s time to take cleaning them seriously. We know that poor denture hygiene can cause more damage to your teeth and gums, so it’s no question that cleaning your complete or partial dentures is just as important as cleaning your real teeth.

With 14.5 per cent of Australians wearing one form of denture or another, it’s no wonder more and more people are looking forward to the release of Dr Mark’s HyGenie for an easy, convenient solution to their daily denture-cleaning needs.

How to hygienically clean a removable dental appliance

While keeping a removable dental appliance clean, safe and dry might seems like a lot of work, it doesn’t have to be. Dr Mark’s HyGenie has created ergonomic devices that provides an easy, quick and effective way to clean, dry and store the dental appliances in less than a minute.

Decade-old cleaning methods – including rinsing them in water, using a toothbrush or soaking in vinegar – just aren’t effective to rid your device of nasty bacteria that could be harmful to your health. So after you wash your hands for 20 seconds, don’t forget to apply the same rules for your appliance. Using Dr Mark’s HyGenie with Dr Mark’s Dental Fresh takes less than a minute to thoroughly clean the appliance comfortably, quickly and thoroughly, giving you peace of mind that you’re helping to keep yourself in peak health.

Dr Mark Wotherspoon, BDSc Inventor of Dr Mark's HyGenie




Dr Mark’s HyGenie can take less than a minute to clean your removable dental appliance. Whether you wear clear aligners, a retainer, dentures, a night guard, sports mouth guards or any other removable dental appliance, if it fits into our device, Dr Mark’s HyGenie cleans it comfortably, quickly and thoroughly.


Custom-made removable dental appliances take time to fabricate and are expensive and inconvenient to repair or replace so they need to be well looked after. Dr Mark’s HyGenie gives you peace of mind with its tough, durable locking case that keeps your dental appliance protected – during cleaning and after cleaning.


Who says functional can’t look good? Say goodbye to those embarrassing glasses of murky green liquid on the bedside or those little airtight plastic boxes that just harbour bacteria and germs. Once you’ve cleaned your dental appliance, Dr Mark’s HyGenie acts as a stylish storage case until the next time you need it.


Using Dr Mark’s HyGenie will give you the confidence that your removable dental appliance is clean, fresh, safe and ready when you are ready for it.

For further Dr Mark’s HyGenie information watch the Youtube 'how to' video!


1. Dentures

  • Dr Mark’s HyGenie is an effective and simple solution for clean, fresh, hygienic and healthy, full and partial dentures.
“Denture hygiene is as critical to good oral health as the care you give to your natural teeth and gums. A clean denture works better, feels better, smells better, looks better and ultimately is much healthier for you. The latest therapeutic guidelines recommend, as do I, leaving your dentures out of the mouth when sleeping, so its important they are thoroughly washed at least every night (after every meal is better), then stored in a well ventilated and safe environment.”

2. Clear aligners and orthodontic retainers

  • Dr Mark’s HyGenie is the simple solution for clean, fresh and hygienic clear aligners and orthodontic retainers.
“Clear orthodontic aligners and retainers collect germs and bacteria while in or out of your mouth. A daily hygiene routine helps protect the costly investment you’re making to achieve that great smile you’re after.”

3. Occlusal splint

  • Dr Mark’s HyGenie is the simple solution for clean, fresh and hygienic splints and night guards.
“Overnight, nightguards collect germs and calculus that will build up over time when not cleaned daily. That build-up can affect how well your mouthguard fits, works, smells and looks, so it is super important to thoroughly wash them every morning and store them in a well-ventilated environment so they are dry, clean and fresh for you at bedtime”

4. Anti-snoring device

  • Dr Mark’s HyGenie is the simple solution for clean, fresh and hygienic sleep apnea, anti-snoring and similar dental appliances.
“Most of these types of devices have intricate designs which makes them tricky to keep clean, which may require a couple of home care techniques. To ensure they function properly, it’s essential to keep them very clean at all times and safely stored when not in use.”

5. Tooth whitening trays

  • Dr Mark's HyGenie is the simple solution for clean, fresh and hygienic teeth whitening trays.
“Most whitening trays are designed with small recesses to pool the whitening gel which can build-up over time, if not washed out after every use. It’s important to keep whitening trays clean and fresh so they work as they should to whiten your teeth.”