Salisbury Hospital in the UK turned heads recently by issuing mouthwash to staff and patients alike in efforts to fight off Covid-19 infections. This is a fantastic step in the battle against Covid and after having our own mouthwash tested by an award-winning laboratory last year, we can confirm that Dr Denti Mouthwash Tablets are 99.9% effective at killing Covid-19.

The latest focus on mouthwash follows research suggesting oral hygiene could play a larger part in defence against Coronavirus than previously assumed. While lung infection via breathing is widely recognised, there are now concerns that the mouth works as a viral reservoir with infection passing via saliva into the blood stream before reaching the lungs. This is of particular concern for anyone suffering gum disease or poor oral health.

The effect of mouthwash on Coronavirus was making headlines back in 2020 but the active ingredient in question, Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC), is also known for its occasional side-effect of staining teeth. Thankfully we can strongly recommend Dr Denti Mouthwash Tablets as a non-staining alternative due to the studies done by Perfectus Biomed Group in Cheshire. This study found Dr Denti Mouthwash was 99.9% effective at killing Covid-19 and other enveloped viruses in just 30 seconds. And even though it’s tough on Covid, Dr Denti is so mild on the mouth that it can safely be used several times a day.

Dr Denti Mouthwash Tablets are now available for home use but they’re also the exact same recipe we supply in bulk to dental surgeries and hospitals for use in professional medical environments. Typically used as a mouth wash after treatment, it’s safe on oral appliances like dentures and aligners and can run double duty if you’re one of the bright sparks up for hacking your water flosser!

When & How to Use Mouthwash

While mouthwash won’t reverse or cure a Covid infection, it can reduce viral load and the chances of transmission. In fact, Salisbury Hospital’s team said they made their decision specifically to reduce the length and frequency of hospital stays and even death rates from Covid-19. Here are the top tips on how to use it:

· Leave at least a 30-minute gap after brushing before using mouthwash

· Try to use mouthwash at least twice a day

· Use mouthwash after meals and snacks

· Use mouthwash before and after seeing people in enclosed spaces

· Use mouthwash instead of water in your aqua flosser/Waterpik

Dr Denti Mouthwash Tablets (also sold as MGS Mouthwash Tablets) are used extensively in hospitals and dental surgeries. They are available to the public online or through local stores and pharmacies. The tablets were assessed by Perfectus Biomed Group in accordance with the internationally recognised EN 14476:2013 + A2:2019 standards. If you’d like more information on the testing or where to purchase, please contact us at or call us on 01474 560 618.