Quick camping tips to protect your teeth

Going camping this Summer? Covid has made it tricky for people to travel abroad for their holidays so we’re rediscovering the great outdoors in record numbers. But before you head off to bask in nature’s glory, take a minute to run through our camping checklist and keep yourself dentally fit with these quick tips and tricks:

Keeping your teeth clean on a campsite

Naturally you’ll need to pack a toothbrush and toothpaste. But if you wear a denture or other removable appliance (ortho retainers, etc…) you should also pack a travel cleaning and storage set for that. We recommend Dr Mark’s HyGenie because it doubles as protective storage to keep your dental gear free from dirt and protected from curious bugs and critters.

Should you brush with bottled water when camping?

Follow this golden rule: if you wouldn’t drink it, then don’t brush with it. Cleaning your teeth with water from a stream might seem like a wonderfully rustic idea at the time but it’s not worth making yourself ill. Stick to bottled or boiled water for brushing.

How to avoid attracting animals to your camp

Your minty fresh toothpaste will attract all sorts of curious creatures so you should avoid spitting toothpaste anywhere near your tent! Swallowing it for a few days won’t do you any harm but if you must spit, try to do it in your waste bag or dig a little hole and bury it. On that note, make sure all your dental products are kept in sealed containers so none of the local animals come sniffing after them.

Camping First Aid

There’s a good chance you’ve already packed plasters, disinfectant, etc… but you should also take a Dental First Aid Kit. If you have a first aid kit to hand, losing a tooth, filling or crown doesn’t have to ruin your holiday.

And denture wearers? Pack a denture repair kit! Good campsite cuisine is tricky enough, don’t risk complicating it by losing your teeth too. Dr Denti Superfix comes with everything you need to repair a denture in 30 minutes.

Dealing with a dental emergency

If the worst comes to pass, here are our quick links for handling dental emergencies while camping:

How to fix a loose crown

How to fix a broken denture

How to replace a lost filling

How to replace a knocked out tooth