MGS - Chlorine Tablets

These tablets, when combined with water, make a strong disinfectant for surfaces. Simply dissolve a tablet in 1.5 litres of clean tap water, stir, and wait until the tablet has completely dissolved, then use as needed.

The chlorine tablets fall under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations, and as such the NHS states that they should be handled by the Healthcare Workers (HCWs) within the surgery.

These tablets can be used to disinfect and clean medical equipment, floors, toilets and sinks, drains and hard food preparation surfaces, the solution can even be placed into trigger spray bottles for the user's convenience.

  • 1. Compliant with government directive HTM 01-05
  • 2. Used for clearing blood and body fluid spills
  • 3. Make fresh daily and store in spray bottle
  • 4. Decades of practical experience in tablet manufacture
  • 5. Extremely competitive pricing
  • 6. Simple to use and fast-acting
  • 7. Dental tablet experts available to advise your purchasing department
  •  MGS Chlorine tablets