MGS - Polishing Paste

Prohylaxis Paste is an enamel polishing paste, packaged in tubs of either 100 grams or 200 grams and is available in either thymol or a mint flavouring.

Designed with the intention to remove dental tartare and callus whilst simultaneously polishing the enamel to a brilliantly high lustre.


A fine balance of natural silica. One part acts as an abrasive and the second part acts as a polish. The mild natural flavourings give fresh breath and most importantly, is oil and fluoride free.


It is designed to be mildly abrasive in order to remove stubborn stains and then polish teeth to a high lustre. It does not contain any whitening agents designed simply to mask the stain instead it works by actually removing the stain.


Prophylaxis Paste will help in the removal of teeth stains due to; tobacco, tea, coffee, sticky foods and drinks, plaque and calculus.


Not to be used on sensitive teeth, bleeding gums or milk teeth.

Polishing Paste