MGS - Disclosing Tablets

These tablets are designed to highlight plaque.

Patients simply chew a tablet, spit out stained saliva, and then the dentist can inspect the disclosed plaque.

Our tablets show newer plaque as red, with more harmful plaque older than three days highlighted blue.

The highlighting of old plaque separately from new plaque makes this an excellent training aid for patients.

While red stained areas can be cleaned easily, surgeons can demonstrate easily to their patients the blue-stained plaque areas; these must be cleaned more thoroughly using mouthwash, interdental brushes, dental floss, and an improved brushing technique.

For patients with orthodontic braces, these tablets can also be used to disclose any food trapped around the brackets and under the arch wire, which can then be removed as advised by the orthodontist.


For prophylactic and diagnostic purposes only. Tablets have NO medical or pharmaceutical action. This product will temporarily stain cloth, towels and skin. Immediately wash stains with warm soapy water.

MGS Disclosing tablets