MGS - Prophy Rubber Cups

This prophylaxis brush has been solely designed to fit effortlessly onto slow, latch type headpieces for a polishing of teeth. The cup shape allows for quick loading of the pumice slurry or prophylaxis paste. The shape makes for precision when cleaning and polishing natural teeth as well as glass ionomer, composite and metallic fillings.

The rubber is latex free, autoclavable silicone rubber which unlike natural rubber, is much more resilient giving the opportunity to be autoclaved before and after use with it not disintegrating under normal usage. The silicone rubber massively reduces patient discomfort due to its capacity to dissipate heat much more easily.

The rubber cup has been designed with a large skirt that completely covers the headpiece armature thus preventing oral fluids or polishing grit from entering the headpiece head, resulting in damaged expansive bearings.

Our nylon brushes are also available in our new Klinipac dispensing system. These convenient and hygienic packs allow complete control over cross infection, with each brush kept completely barrier protected.

Prophy rubber cups