Cutanplast is a sterile gelatine sponge with the ability to reabsorb. It has a marked haemostatic effect which means the porous surface of the gelatin induces the rapid rupture of the blood plaques, causing the activation of the enzymes to cascade, leading to natural coagulation.


  • 1. Completely absorbed if left in-situ
  • 2. Non-toxic
  • 3. Does not cause allergic reactions
  • 4. Has a neutral pH
  • 5. Absorbs a quantity of blood corresponding to approximately 50 times its own weight
  • 6. May be applied dry
  • 7. May be soaked with sterile physiological solution or with antibiotics
  • 8. May be easily reduced in size to any required format
  • 9. Reduces the time of the surgical operation
  • 10. Stops the haemorrhage
  • 11. Is reabsorbed within a number of weeks
  • 12. Easy to use
  • 13. Safe
  • 14. Reliable
  •  Cutanplast